Unlimited Policy


1. What do you mean by “Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Data Transfer”?

          According to Standard protocol, there are no limits on the data transfer or disk space that JBLHost provides. We require our customers to be strictly compliant with the terms and conditions of JBLHost and request you not violate it. As per terms and conditions, we do not allow disk space for the single user more than 10 GB per cPanel account.

          In order to make sure that we are providing all our customers with optimum service, we require the customers to be compliant with our terms and conditions. We may put a constraint on the customers not complying to the laid usage terms and conditions.

2. What happens in case of Incompliance?

          If notified by our monitoring team we contact the administrator of the website causing the issue and try and resolve the matter. Our services may not be used for archiving or storing of the electronic file which is not available directly through the website.

3. What is “Normal” usage?

          Normal usage means that the customer makes efficient use of the unlimited hosting provided in an ethical way pertaining to the use for which it was taken. An example of in compliance may be storing of a large number of audio and video files that may not be associated with the website thereby requiring more resources to support the website

4. Why are the normal usage guidelines in place?

          JBLHost offers hosting in a shared environment due to which each site has may have an impact on other websites. Through our years of existence in the business, we have never faced any disruption in the service however it is important for us to face any future instances. This event is an unusual event but we want our customers to realize it before actually purchasing it.

5. Guidelines for Reseller Hosting

          JBLHost may put a restriction on the number of domains to which it can host its services depending on the load which the hosted domains are using. This is to keep the servers running at normal efficiency.

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